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Treating Patients

Before prescribing NeoControl® Therapy for a patient, a physician should complete a normal history and physical. The cause of the patient's incontinence should be determined. If the patient is indicated for NeoControl Therapy, treatments can be scheduled and therapy can begin.

Although highly advanced, an ExMI session is actually quite simple. A typical therapy session lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. Patients sit fully clothed in the Treatment Chair, while the pulsing magnetic fields generated by the therapy head penetrate the tissues of the perineum, simultaneously reaching all nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor. These muscles contract in response to each pulse. The frequency and strength of contractions can be set to the exact protocol prescribed by the physician to build strength and endurance and improve circulation in the muscles. As a result, patients gain improved awareness of their pelvic floor, better control of urinary function and enhanced quality of life. A typical multi-treatment protocol includes two sessions per week for eight weeks or more, depending on the patient's pelvic floor health when starting therapy.

NeoControl is operated by programmed patient prescription cards. The cards contain the entire treatment prescription for a given patient and are used each time a patient visits the physician's office for a treatment. The prescription is stored on a small memory chip embedded in the card. The card is inserted into the Control Unit before each treatment session begins, and all completed treatments are tracked by the system to ensure proper prescription implementation.

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