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February 2001

Patient Outcomes Validate Efficacy of ExMI™
Neocontrol Catches the Eye of National Media
Patient Testimonials
International Locations of NeoControl Installations
NeoHealth in the Spotlight at National PT Meeting
Clinical Connection ExMI™ Continues to Grow at Steady Pace

November 2000

Making a Difference - One Pulse at a Time
Neotonus Studies the Role of ExMI™ in Treating Female Sexual Dysfunction
Continence Island™ - Educating Patients as Easy as a Day at the Beach
Wellness for Seniors Program Improves Quality of Life for Assisted Living Residents
Neotonus Partners with PR Firm to Expand National Consumer Awareness of NeoControl®
Patients Speak Out for NeoControl® Therapy
Did You Know? Interesting NeoControl® Facts
ExMI™ Continues to Grow at Steady Pace
New ExMI™ Clinical Studies ExMI™ Scientific Calendar
View from the Other Side of the Pond - International Distributor Representative Shares His Perspective
Prescriptions for Success

July 2000

A Year and Going Strong - Profile of Clinical Urology, Inc
New Opportunities for NeoControl® as Baby Boomers Reach Menopause
Neotonus Finalist for Atlanta Journal-Constitution Small Business of the Year Award
Satisfied Patients Speak Up: NeoControl® Changes Lives for the Better
Subjects Causing Discomfort Among Patients Who Avoid Talking to Their Doctors
NeoControl® Patient Education System Reinforces Benefits of Treatment
ExMI™ Continues to Grow at Steady Pace
ExMI™ Research Studies
ExMI™ Scientific Calendar
Seattle Physician Takes Home "The Chair"
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Reimbursement Continues to Increase
NeoControl® in the News

April 2000

Recipe for Success: Integrating NeoControl® into an Incontinence Practice
Neotonus Launches NeoControl® Reimbursement Strategy
NeoControl® Patient Financing Program Offers Flexibility
Neotonus Engages PR Firm to Support NeoControl® Installations
NeoControl® Patients Very Satisfied with Results
Non-Invasive Therapies Viewed as Most Beneficial in Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
Neotonus Supports NAFC Initiative to Develop Assisted Living Facilities Guidelines
First Quarter ExMI™ Prescriptions Increase 80+% Over Previous Quarter
ExMI™ Research Studies
ExMI™ Scientific Calendar
Neotonus Featured on World Business Review
Korean FDA Grants Approval

January 2000

Short Term Study Data Shows ExMI™ Treatments Successful: Early Long Term Results Reveal Good Durability (author - Stephen J. Carlan, MD)
18 New Payors Reimburse for ExMI™
Fourth Quarter Clinical Utilization Increases 70+% Over Previous Quarter
New ACOG Screening Guidelines Include Urinary Incontinence
Patient Perspectives
Neotonus Launches Multi-Center Study To Evaluate ExMI™ for Treatment of Post-Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence
Ongoing ExMI™ Research Studies
ExMI™ Success Factors Data Well Received at IBS
NAFC Board Meeting Spotlights ExMI™ Data
1999 ExMI™ Treatments by Practice Type
Neotonus Co-Sponsors NAFC Patient Support Groups
ExMI™ Presentations Made Easy

October 1999

Over 11,700 Treatments in First Year of Clinical Utilization
Phoenix Gynecology Practice Finds Patient Acceptance High and Early Results Good (author - Richard M. Houck, MD
ExMI™ Attracts new Investors In Recent Financing
ExMI™ Prescribed For Diverse Mix of Patients
United Healthcare Approves Payment for ExMI™ Technology
International Quality System Certifications Awarded to Neotonus
NeoControl® Is Y2K Compliant

June 1999

Clinical Update: Secondary Analysis Reveals Even High Risk Patients Do Well With ExMI™
The Guardian Sets ExMI™ Payment Policy
June NeoControl® Treatments Top 1,000
What's In A Name?
ExMI™ Continues To Make Headlines
Urology Article Highlights Growing Pulsed Magnetic Clinical Bibliography
Standing Room Only

April 1999

First Six Months with ExMI™ Exceeds Expectations (author - David Lipsitz, MD)
Neotonus Nears ISO 9001 Certification
ExMI™ Treatments Break 5,000
ExMI™ Clinical Outcomes Featured at AUA '99
ExMI™ Depression Trials Receive National Attention
Health Fairs Prove Successful for Practices with NeoControl®
Payer Support of ExMI™ Expands

February 1999

Spring '99 Brings Active Scientific Calendar for ExMI™ Technology
ExMI™ Geriatric Study Launched (author - Joseph Ouslander, MD, Principal Investigator)
January Rx's Set Record
Patients Speak Out About ExMI™
Important Points In ExMI™ History
Four More Payers Reimburse for ExMI™ in January '99
Satellite Symposium Held for Continence Nurses
Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation Rated #1 for Helping Urinary Incontinence
Neotonus Sales Force Expands


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