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Introduction to Technology
bladder diagram NeoControl® is a complete pelvic floor therapy system designed to treat female urinary incontinence in a physician's office. Studies have proven this non-invasive and painless therapy to be an effective first line conservative therapy.

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Clinical Application
Man reading Read about possible future roles of Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation (ExMI™) technology. It's not just a conservative incontinence therapy anymore.

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Treating Patients
Treating Patients Although highly advanced, an ExMI session is actually quite simple... and it's prescribed by you. A typical therapy session lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, but you define the logistics of the prescription. Patients sit fully clothed in the treatment chair, while the pulsing magnetic fields generated by the therapy head penetrate the tissues of the perineum, simultaneously reaching all nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor. These muscles contract in response to each pulse. The frequency and strength of contractions can be set to the exact protocol prescribed by the physician to build strength and endurance and improve circulation in the muscles.

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Neotonus re-launches Insights In Innervation

July, 2004 - Your source for the latest updates on ExMI technology and Neotonus, Inc. will reappear on our website in July 2004, free of charge. Check the Neotonus website in early July and every month thereafter for your free digital copy of our monthly newsletter.

NeoControl receives category 3 CPT Code from AMA

December, 2001 - NeoControl was given 0029T as its code (Level 3 CPT) in December 2001. Neotonus, Inc. is in constant correspondence with the American Medical Association and American Urological Association to obtain a Level 1 code. 

Magnetic Pelvic Floor Stimulation has been included in Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield's Policy Statement. See our press room for the formal policy statement.

NeoControl is no longer considered investigational. It is an accepted conservative therapy to precede surgery in the treatment of urinary incontinence.

NeoControl Chair featured on Good Morning America

January 30, 2001 - Today on Good Morning America, Dr. Jennifer Berman and Dr. Laura Berman discussed female urinary incontinence (UI). Dr. Jennifer Berman highlighted NeoControl therapy as an effective treatment option for UI. Dr. Berman told anchor Diane Sawyer, "(the therapy) works...and is supported by well controlled clinical studies." Noting that many women with urinary incontinence abstain from sexual relations, Dr. Laura Berman recommended that women seek help for their incontinence and discuss their condition with their partners. Dr. Jennifer Berman and Dr. Shlomo Raz of UCLA are currently conducting a clinical trial studying the effect of ExMI on female sexual dysfunction.


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