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Testimonial 1

February 12, 2001

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a 52-year old female who has suffered from stress incontinence for seven years. I had a surgical procedure to correct this situation in January 1995. Bladder spasms resulted and incontinence continued. A surgical adjustment was made six weeks later with no successful results. I then went to a second physician who performed another surgery in September 1995. The result of the surgeries was not positive. I still suffered with incontinence and more severe lack of control than experienced before surgery.

Medications were prescribed, Kegel exercises were done. Expensive surgery and great amounts of lost time from work occurred. Nothing seemed to help. I was worse than before my initial surgery. The resultant loss of confidence and limitations placed on me socially, sexually and mentally have at times been overwhelming.

NeoControl has been fabulous. I find myself using minimal pantiliners (verses multiple liners daily with extra padding). I experience little frustration because I am continent most of the time, with only very slight lapses. I can exercise with more confidence that I will not experience any leakage. I worry less about wetting myself when I sleep or when I'm having intercourse.

My bladder control is incredibly more reliable and I look forward to continued therapy providing me with total control. In my estimate, this non-invasive type of therapy is the best! I sure wish it had been available before I had my surgeries. Perhaps others will be able to avoid the expense, inconvenience and pain of surgery. In addition, perhaps they will not have to suffer the discomforts, both emotional and physical, of incontinence.

I consider myself fortunate to have NEOCONTROL Therapy available to me now.



Testimonial 2

December 7, 1999

Dear Dr. Butler,

I've recently finished my treatments with the NeoControl® chair and wanted to share with you my personal feelings regarding this type of therapy. I can honestly say that it is the most painless treatment I have experienced - ever! And aside from being painless, I didn't even need to undress for it - what more could a person ask for.

I truly hope that anyone weighing the options of NeoControl vs. surgery or any other major form of treatment chooses to use the NeoControl chair. Seeing the type of results that it brings makes me wish that it would have been available as a choice before either of the two surgeries that I had to experience - which still left me with unsatisfactory results.

I don't really know what else to say, except to say thank you for bringing this wonderful new technique to your office and to Brenda for taking me through the therapy period. She was so easy to talk with about what I was experiencing; she is a true asset to your office.

I will be continuing to speak with Brenda in the coming months and will be coming in to the office to be evaluated by her to make sure we are staying on track. But, things are so much better than they have been in a long, long time. Simple things in my every day life that have been complicated by my bladder problems - like my one-hour drive to work, and various other things - are simple again. It has made such a difference in my life - you can't imagine how incredibly happy that makes me.

If you ever have a patient who is not sure about going through this treatment or wants to hear first-hand from someone who has experienced the NeoControl therapy, please feel free to contact me. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Like I said before, I truly wish that this was an option that I could have had instead of surgery.



Testimonial 3

November 12, 1999

Mr. Michael W. Aertker, M.S.E.
Mr. Ted Hammond, RN

Dear Mike:

I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and Ted for the beneficial treatment I received from the magnetic therapy chair. Please let this letter serve as my sincere testimonial as to how well this treatment worked on my chronic pain. As you are aware, I have been seriously suffering for over four years now with extreme pain in my groin area due to complications from my vasectomy surgery. I have seen several physicians, none of whom could explain, nor diagnose the reason for the pain; offered no hope and told me that I would have to live with the pain. I was devastated! However, I refused to accept this and with the help of my loving, supportive wife (as it greatly affected her too), I forged on, always seeking relief from my pain.

Finally! My prayers were answered. My wife, who works as a nurse at Children's Hospital, learned about the magnetic chair and its treatment from Ted Hammond (entrepreneurial nurse). She also learned of a wonderful Urologist named Dr. Susan McSherry (whom I have adopted as my new doctor for life - she is terrific…takes her time to explain things and genuinely cares for her patients). After seeing Dr. McSherry, I was able to begin the magnetic treatments.

So I embarked on my journey, traveling twice a week from New Orleans to Covington, Louisiana to begin my magnetic chair treatments. After 16 sessions, my pain has significantly diminished (on a scale of 1-10, it has gone from a 9 to a 1), extremely mild and tolerable. Although it has not been completely eradicated, I'm extremely pleased and satisfied with my results. I am more comfortable in my clothes and my mood and sleeping habits have improved significantly. The process was so simple and quick - no fuss.

I highly recommend these treatments for men who may be in the same or similar circumstances and are living with pain; either due to embarrassment or with no hope of an alternative. We need more Urologists like Dr. McSherry, who believe and are not afraid to explore other bold avenues of treatment.

I'm a "new" person, with a happier, healthier look at life! Best of luck with this new procedure.

Very truly yours,

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